About Us


The truth and the strong sense of responsibility are the words representing Tano Inc.  Above all things, We are sure that the truth is the most power in the business as well as our daily life.  Tano, Inc. would like to contribute to make you and your esteemed company's dreams and goals come true with all our company's superior and reliable technologies, experiences, and best services.


Tano Digital, a mother company of Tano, Inc. was established in September 2003 in the heart of Silicon Valley, San Jose, California by experts in various IT fields with a vision of "Providing Right Technology for Your Business" for all types of business organizations. Tano has developed hundreds of websites, e-commerce solutions, and web-based business applications so far.  Tano also has several years’ experiences in the digital signage industry.  Tano had developed not only the digital signage solution but created the digital animation advertisement for the "In-Store Advertisement" business.  In the meanwhile, Tano produced a dietary supplement item and began a trading business to distribute an honest and the best product to all our valued customers.  

Now Tano has born again as Tano, Inc (also known as Tanostore) with the bigger e-Commerce solution to provide the best items to all people in the world.  Tano selected the best and proved items which were manufactured and/or produced in the industry standard (ex. produced under the FDA Compliance) and provided them to our e-Commerce solution tanohealth.com and tanostore.com.  Tanostore is specialized on delivering high standard consumer and industrial product from all over the world.


Again, those are selected high quality products. We always do our best to provide the best products with the best prices to satisfy our valued customers' needs.  To achieve our goals, we will continue to pursue to find out the best products and upgrade production, research, and development new items.  We promise Tano will be the honest and the world's premier company.